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    Do you use your Android phone with GPS Navigation while playing music in your car?

    When a new song starts, ever wonder what that song is, or who the artist is?

    Now you have to grab the phone and look at it and swipe the notification bar, just to see what the song is or who the artist is?.

    Do you use your Android phone to read email, or browse the web while listening to music in the background?

    You know it's a hassle to stop what you're doing to see what the name is of the song that just came on. It's all too much trouble, so you don't bother, and you just keep wondering.

    Tune Pop is the answer! Tune Pop will pop up the Song Title and Artist name, as a toast popup. Now when a song starts or resumes you will be alerted with the title and artist of the song.

    Tune Pop on Appbrain

    Tune Pop has been tested with the following Android Media player apps (no need to enable scrobbling):

    . ANDROID native media player
    . HTC media player
    . TuneWiki - Tune Pop Shoutcast!

    (TuneWiki coming with the next Android market version of TuneWiki)

    TunePop has also been tested with the following Android Media Players (enable scrobbling required):

    . LASTFM (Internet Radio!)
    . DOUBLETWIST (SDCard music)
    . WINAMP
    . CUBED (3)


    To enable TunePop, you just need to enable Scrobbling in the player settings. You don't need a Last FM account, or Last FM Scrobble Droid apps installed or running, just enable scrobbling in the media player. Tune Pop should work with most media players that support scrobbling.

    Want more features? UPGRADE to Tune Pop PRO! Just $.99! Tune Pop Free Version has a handy link to PRO, which disappears after you purchase PRO.

    Tune Pop PRO adds the following features:

    TICKER - the song title and artist appear in the Notification Bar as a ticker instead of or in addition to the popup

    SCREEN POSITION - Change the position of the popup from the center of the screen to the top or bottom

    FONT SIZE - Change the size of the popup window and font

    DISPLAY FREQUENCY - Have the POP or TICKER appear periodically, in increments of 15 seconds, in case you miss the POP at the beginning of the song

    POP SHAPE - change from a rectangle to an oval if you're feeling whimsical

    Just purchase and download Tune Pop Pro and it will automatically enable all advanced Tune Pop features.

    Do you use a media player that Tune Pop doesn't support? We can try and make it work if it has an API, broadcast intents or supports scrobbling. Just let us know.

    Here's Google NAV in landscape, with the POP Positioned at the bottom of the screen:

    Here's the browser, with just the TICKER POP in the notification bar:


    A lot of work went into making TunePop very small and well behaved in terms of performance and battery usage. It has a VERY small memory footprint.

    Tune Pop uses SCROBBLE and other Media Player intent broadcasts to initiate POP services, and uses POST_DELAYED intents to enable periodic POPS so nothing is constantly running in the background, and everything shuts down when no music is playing.

    Some future enhancements we are planning:

    . allowing suppression of the Tune Pop logo in the POP
    . including album name in POP
    . adding album art in place of the logo
    . allow change of font and background colors
    . ?

    Feedback on additional enhancements is very welcome.

    Tune Pop was developed by Happy Vampire Software. We are a father and son startup doing development in Android and WP7.

    We have more apps in the pipeline. Tune Pop is our first published effort, but it was built with an architecture and app patterns that we will be using as the foundation for our other development efforts.

    Please download the free app and if you like it and would like the additional features, please download Tune Pop Pro.

    Please provide feedback and help us make Tune Pop better, more useful, and a successful app.

    We can be reached at support@happyvampire.net

    Our web site is Happy Vampire Software


    Bob Thompson
    Happy Vampire Software
    12-28-2010 01:07 PM
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    Tried it. Followed ALL requirements. Didn't work. What gives?
    12-28-2010 02:38 PM
  3. rbtconsultants's Avatar
    Tried it. Followed ALL requirements. Didn't work. What gives?
    Happy to help. questions:

    . What media app are you trying it with?
    . did you enable scrobbling in the media app if necessary?
    . did you enable TunePop and PopUP in the tunepop preferences?

    Thanks for your feedback.

    12-28-2010 03:58 PM
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    A couple more questions:

    You said it "didn't work". What does that mean? Did you get a force close? Just nothing happened (i.e. no popup when a song was played)?

    What phone do you have? Some phones come with a media player that is not the native Android media player, even though the media player is what is installed on the phone. For example, HTC, which this should support and which was tested on one device.

    But, for example, Samsung Galaxy S comes with a Samsung media player, not native android player, and Tune Pop cannot support Galaxy S player because it is closed and doesn't broadcast any intents.



    P.S. in case your problem was that you didn't enable Tune Pop or PopUp I just uploaded a new version of Tune Pop to the market with those enabled by default.
    12-28-2010 04:18 PM
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    FYI - a user has discovered an issue.

    After investigation, it appears that for Tune Pop to work with WinAmp, it is required to have the free LastFM app installed on your phone. No other app appears to require this, and unfortunately we didn't discover this when testing.

    We will update the documentation to reflect this.

    If you want to use WinAMP with Tune Pop and don't have LastFM already installed, please download the free LastFM app to your phone. It is not necessary to run LastFM or have a lastFM account, but it appears that WinAMP checks to see if the app is installed. Of course, if you want your music to be scrobbled to LastFM, you can create an account on LastFM, but this is not necessary for Tune Pop.

    Also, we have added support for POWERAMP.

    Please let me know if any questions or issues.


    12-30-2010 01:40 AM
  6. rbtconsultants's Avatar
    We have enabled support in Tune Pop for PlayerPro. An update has been published to Android market.

    It should have worked by enabling ScrobbleDroid scrobbling in PlayerPro, but there appears to be a bug in PlayerPro support for ScrobbleDroid. So, when you enable scrobbling in PlayerPro, choose enable by using SIMPLE.Last.FM.

    Please let us know if you have any issues.

    If you like Tune Pop, please purchase Tune Pop Pro! You will enjoy the additional features.


    Happy Vampire Software
    12-30-2010 11:41 AM
  7. rbtconsultants's Avatar
    Now added to the pro version of Tune Pop:

    TASKER SUPPORT - use TASKER tasks to enable or disable Tune Pop. This is especially useful if you want to only enable Tune Pop in certain situations, such as only when you are driving and your device is car docked.

    Go to Happy Vampire Software Tune Pop Page for instructions on how to implement Tasker in conjunction with Tune Pop
    01-06-2011 04:21 PM
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    New version 1.1 of Tune Pop uploaded to market.

    Added option for user to remove Icon from Popup when Pro features are enabled.

    Album art is being worked on.
    01-17-2011 12:26 PM