1. alecpierre's Avatar
    Is there an android app similar to tweetdeck? I LOVE the fact that tweetdeck intergrates my facebook and twitter all in one.And that I can CHOOSE to post updates on facebook,twitter,or even both WITH IN the app. BUT i was wondering if there are any apps that are similar because there are a few things in tweetdeck that i dont like and want to explore my options. Thanks

    P.S. This is my first ever post on the forum so I hope this is the right section
    12-31-2010 04:00 PM
  2. mr.seth.price's Avatar
    Try Hootsuite!. It's pretty similar...but if I remember right it has ads.

    Also Seesmic.....but no facebook support in it...but it does support alot of other networks.

    I've tried to break my Tweetdeck integration...but I just can't. Wish that it had dynamic names though for sending mentions in Twitter...oh well. I use Plume (Touiteur) for that.
    12-31-2010 04:39 PM
  3. reverepats's Avatar
    i just bought TWIDROYD and its great....best ive used yet.....but i guess it comes down to preference
    12-31-2010 04:41 PM
  4. solo1's Avatar
    I've used both Tweetdeck and Hootsuite ( very similar ) but they both leave you needing more .. much more .. To my understanding TWIDROYD is a twitter ONLY client as is PLUME ( although it has the best widget ) .. Ive also been looking for a great twitter/facebook all in one client but am still looking for one that really takesoff AND has a great widget .
    01-01-2011 01:14 PM
  5. Mikey's Avatar
    If your looking for something similar to Tweetdeck that has the Twitter functionality with the most Facebook integration you mine as well give it up. I have searched high and low and Tweetdeck is the best out there and actually pretty much the dominant. It is also the closest you are gonna get to true push notifications on Facebook at this current time.
    01-01-2011 02:05 PM
  6. Hero23's Avatar
    To my knowledge, Tweetdeck is the only twitter/Facebook client.

    As much as I love Tweetdeck, it just doesn't have enough to keep me coming back. No support for Twitlonger is a major downer as well.

    So as of now, I'm just using the Facebook for Android app and Twidroyd.

    I've tried MANY Twitter clients, but Twidroyd may be the best. Full of features and a nice clean UI.

    Twicca and Plume are also good, but Plume has been having some issues lately (not loading tweets, trouble refreshing, etc..)

    However, as soon as Tweetdeck gets support for Twitlonger, I'll definitely switch back. I do kind of wish Tweetdeck for Android had the same UI as the iPhone version. I love the column view in that.
    01-02-2011 03:31 AM
  7. dkelley's Avatar
    pure messenger. it's only a widget, but what a widget! if you use launcherpro or another launcher that supports scrollable widgets (you have to enable the feature in LP first though) then you can use the scrollable widget feature in pure which is outstanding (think sense-like scrolling).

    it shows integrated date-stamp-ordered gmail, phone calls, sms, facebook and twitter messages. it shows the basic message inline in the scrollable list so you can get teh jist of it just by scrolling or watching them come in. if you tap on a message in the list it shows you a preview in it's own excellent built-in viewer, but you can also set it up to open in a more advanced custom app (which I only need to do in very rare situations such as retweeting etc).

    It can do notifications (adn does by default which is actually annoying, but meh it's easy to disable) and has a ton of other functionality.

    So for me it's the best GUI for twitter and facebook but it's worth having another app available, even one of the quite useful stock android ones, for more advanced features.

    I haven't checked if it can change the ordering or anything as this is just logical to me as is.

    So there's a slightly alternative suggestion for you. I'm surprised it was mentioned already...
    01-12-2011 10:51 AM