1. ctychick's Avatar
    Using the Incredible, PC and DoubleTwist to transfer my iTunes music AND playlists. I cannot for the life of me get this right. I'm following all instructions, but when it comes time to select specific playlists to sync, all those options are shaded out. Also, the status bar on my pc's DoubleTwist says it's synced the music, but I can't find it via DT on my phone. I track down the songs in an "emmc" folder in my phone, but not all the songs are there and those that are there aren't recognized by any of the music players on my phone, including DoubleTwist.

    So... Can anyone offer a little hand-holding here? I've done a LOT with my phone and am should be capable of figuring this out, but I'm stumped. I'd perviously tried all this with iSyncr and had problems there as well. Def want to move ahead with DoubleTwist, I'm just stuck.

    01-02-2011 11:50 AM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    Have you ever thought that maybe the problem might be that some files/music aren't compatible with your device, and even though it says install - the phone just can't seem to play it. That has happen to me a lot. I just try another way of syncing music to my phone.

    Best of luck.
    01-02-2011 12:20 PM
  3. ctychick's Avatar
    I guess that could be the case, but I find it hard to believe that having tried two of the most commonly used syncing apps with one of the most commonly used phones that I can't get a single song to sync and play when so many other posters here seem to have success. My music collection can't be that different than those of other Android users. It's really just typical top 40 iTunes downloads. I know that somewhere it in the syncing process DT said it had skipped a few songs for copyright reasons, but that was maybe 5 out of 100's of songs.

    I have to believe it is something I'm doing wrong in terms of file locations, etc. As I mentioned above, the songs ARE showing up in my file manager on my phone in an obscure folder. Maybe someone can help me set up the default download locations on my phone so I put my music and playlists in the correct place to be found by DT?
    01-02-2011 12:54 PM
  4. kicko's Avatar
    can you just drag albums or tracks to the phone, without a playlist?
    01-02-2011 02:17 PM