1. kassandragarzaa's Avatar
    I have a galaxy note 4 & I accidentally hid my message app. I have tried for hours now to try & find a way to unhide it. I know people are saying to go to "app drawer" & click on "hide apps" blah blah blah. Yes I can do that IF I uninstalled go launcher in which I do not wish to because then everything will be lost. I just don't know what to do! Somebody please help.
    04-24-2015 02:20 AM
  2. Mihnea Ciupagea's Avatar

    I know this is probably a bit late for you, but wanted to post the solution so that others that are running through this problem can fix it. If you hid an app in go launcher and now are baffled about how to unhide it, its pretty simple. First go into the app drawer, then hold the menu button (left of the center button on samsungs), a menu will pop up in the lower right corner, click "hide app", then all your hidden apps will pop up, the secret here is to scroll to the very bottom until you see that "+" sign, press that and it will let you select/deselect hidden apps.

    hope this helps. took me a while to figure out
    06-26-2015 04:38 PM

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