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    Quokka, a rat-like funny little critter has recently come into the spotlight with an irresistibly cute smile. On the islands off the coast of Western Australia they lived peacefully and felt content with their lives until one day, when the humans started to take selfies with them! Quokkas thought, well, we actually could do with some publicity and then obliged to smile at the camera. They really are so adorable on photos!
    Attachment 175172Let’s Make Quokka Selfies-quokka-selfie2.jpg
    1. Download the attached pictures of quokka on your phone, which has been prepared for you to make a speedy selfie!
    2. Install Cut Me Out - Copy Paste Photos from Google Play store and launch it on your phone. 

    3. Import your downloaded quokka photo from the Gallery.
    4. Cut the quokka out with your finger. Cut along the 4 sides of the quokka picture to avoid white lines on the cutout.
    5. Import your own picture of choice! It can be your selfie, for this time. Felix chose his friend’s picture though.
    6. Ease the quokka cut-out to the right place (bottom right-hand conner recommended)
    7. Tap “Save” and share it if you want.
    Attached Thumbnails Let’s Make Quokka Selfies-quokka-selfie1.jpg   Let’s Make Quokka Selfies-quokka2.png   Let’s Make Quokka Selfies-quokka1.png  
    05-04-2015 09:44 AM

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