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    I've had this phone for years and have been putting up with a lot of it's little annoying quirks, but it's getting to be a hassle.

    1. When connecting to my computer through a USB, it continuously connects then disconnects rapidly. I fought with this for a long while, downloading the newest drivers onto my computer, but nothing worked. I've since gotten by using Google Drive to transfer anything important, but this is making my second issue worse.

    2. Insufficient storage error. I can clear up a good 100 megabits of storage and still be unable to download even the smallest of apps or updates. What's worse, I used to be able to clear out more storage of those stupid little thumbnail pictures that hide in the depths of my phone by hooking it up to the computer... but problem 1.
    And it's becoming a problem now because I really need to update one of my apps, but the error will not allow me to update at all.

    Many of the fixes for problem two require downloading a cleaning app (Problem 2) or hooking it up to my computer (Problem 1).
    Please help?
    05-07-2015 05:06 PM

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