1. JoshUng's Avatar
    I haven't come across this myself, but if you look at the Market reviews for Launcher Pro, it seems if you downloaded the free version of the app from the developer site instead of the market, people were experiencing that their app was expired. This pretty much borked the phone, and only allow access to the web browser. The browser would take you to the site so you could download the new version, but I guess it all happened at once, and the site got overwhelmed.

    It doesn't seem to affect paid versions, or free versions downloaded from the android market.

    I can't verify, since I don't have the problem, but on the market reviews, and on Phandroid's forums, people have had success pulling up recent apps and being able to open the market from there (if it was a recent app I guess), or a task manager, and opening the market from there. If not, some have said they had to go to ADW Launcer's page (I guess any alternative launcher page would do) and download that. With the other launcher, they can open the Market and redownload Launcer Pro, or just uninstall.

    Anyway, in case anybody is reading this from their computer and haven't looked at their phone yet, hopefully this helps. Or if you downloaded the free version, and haven't had the problem, perhaps its a good idea to try to update, or replace the version with the version from the market.
    01-06-2011 08:37 PM
  2. cordoni's Avatar
    Just a theoretical remedy:

    Menu hard button > settings > manage applications > launcher pro > clear defaults > home button > select default launcher installed on phone
    01-08-2011 11:15 AM