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    I installed the Android device manager a few months ago on my Galaxy S4. I tested it multiple times with my phone laying in the other room. It immediately located it. (phone was ON, but screen was black like when phone is "resting" not being used.)Tested it out again after the new Android 5.0 update, and here's what happens. I logged onto my laptop and into Android Device Manager, (phone was sitting across room, turned ON as usual, and on "resting" black screen. It kept saying "LOCATION NOT AVAILABLE", but oddly when I would pick up the phone and swipe the screen, it would then finally locate it. I never had to physically touch the phone before to get it to locate it. Wondering why all of the sudden it wont locate it unless I swipe the screen, and make the phone "active". Location setting is still turned on and all settings are as they were. (even double checked with Verizon). Any help would be appreciated!
    05-14-2015 09:43 PM

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