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    JPG files have embedded data. Date, time, location, & (last but not least) notes and comments.
    I have thousands of family photos (some old) that I want to annotate (i.e. this is uncle Bob.)..
    Some existing apps provide annotations but they are stored in separate proprietary files. They can't be shared with other people. (photo along with annotation)
    Other applications allow one to put comments in the exif of the JPG files. But I need a photo viewer that displays the annotation along with the photo. (as well as the ability to add/edit photos and store the comments in the exif)
    Only works with JPG files but that is all most people use.
    Never again will I have to call my mom and ask 'who the heck is that'?
    When I back up or share my photos the annotation will be saved / shared in the jpg file.
    Any thoughts or comments? Any developers interested?
    I only want the ability to buy the application someone might create. Idea is free to all and sundry...

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    05-22-2015 11:19 AM

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