1. Kalifornia's Avatar
    Only app I know of is GasBuddy but I don't think their app offers it. I'm not looking for the cheapest prices, rather I'm interested in an app (ideally a widget) that gives me a local prediction on whether gas prices will be increasing or decreasing. The GasBuddy.com website has this...but its just not part of their app.

    Any ideas on if this information is available in widget/app form? Below is a screen shot that would be perfect:

    01-10-2011 11:47 AM
  2. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    I don't know of any specific app off the top of my head that does this, I use GasBuddy for my Gas prices information but like you said it doesn't provide specifically what you are looking for. This might be a good recommendation to existing Gas price app developers.
    01-10-2011 12:23 PM
  3. Kalifornia's Avatar
    Thanks for responding and confirming my assumption that this doesn't exist. I'll certainly submit a request to GasBuddy.
    01-10-2011 12:33 PM