1. bueblehell's Avatar
    A few years ago the only tracking and calories counting app I've been using was Noom with Noom Walk. But since Google Fit came out I decided to switch for the obvious reasons (e.g. auto-detection of activity). At first I've had both apps running at the same time and after a few days I noticed that the difference in step count between both apps was occasionally enormous (up to 2000-3000 steps difference a day, with Noom showing more steps than Google Fit). After some time I ditched Noom in favor of MyFitnessPal because of the better database. For my running activities I decided to opt for My Tracks (and possibly I'll try out Runtastic in the future). Now I'd like to get all the possible apps syncing (I know that for example MyFitnessPal can't sync with Google Fit yet, etc.), but my question is: what about adding together activities counts and records? How do the apps behave if they simultaneously record the same activities? How do they sync? Any info on that?
    06-24-2015 04:30 PM
  2. Mac58's Avatar
    The only workaround I found with this was using the underarmour record app and Map my fitness app. Underarmour owns myfitness pal map myfitness and a slew of other fitness apps. Even though my fitness pal doesnt sync with google fit, Underarmour and Map my fitness allows for syncing with google fit. So you can download either of those apps and then connect it to myfitness pal and it will ultimately pull the data from google fit to the underarmour or map my fitness app and push it to the my fitness pal app. I know its alot, but hopefully this will all get squished with an update and one single app will be enough to allow syncing
    07-02-2015 09:26 PM

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