1. Chondog's Avatar
    Anyone know how to configure and use the reverse sync function from iSyncr?

    I've followed the instructions, but they weren't clear.
    01-19-2011 11:32 AM
  2. joggy's Avatar
    When you run iSyncr on the PC there is an Options button. It's in there that you would configure your Reverse Sync Options (select Upload MP3's to access settings).
    01-19-2011 06:48 PM
  3. Chondog's Avatar
    I received a response from the developer. See below...

    If we press "Options", we see the "Reverse Sync Options".

    Here we can choose:
    Upload MP3s
    Delete After Upload
    MP3 Folder Name --- This is the folder name that has MP3s we want to add to our iTunes library. The default is "AmazonMP3".
    Upload playlist name --- This is the playlist that uploaded songs will show up in in iTunes
    Upload Path --- This is the path to put the MP3s inside on your personal computer.
    01-20-2011 08:11 AM