1. Kbxy73's Avatar
    This is going to sound weird... but

    Is there a way that I can have different cover art for songs that are in the same album? When I sync DT to my Fascinate some songs in a particular album have different cover arts but DT has them as the same image. Even when I use album art grabber.

    I tried to create playlists and delete the album tag but when it's syncing it adds the album tag back to the file.

    Any help?
    01-20-2011 09:06 AM
  2. takeshi's Avatar
    Probably depends on the music app you're using. Which one?
    01-20-2011 09:37 AM
  3. Kbxy73's Avatar
    I have the doubletwist app w/airsync on my phone and I use desktop version of DT on my mac. Though DT gets all the music from my iTunes library.
    01-20-2011 10:33 AM