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    Ok, I travel a lot and cross timezones frequently. I gather the carrier is providing NTP or something similair to the Android cell. Time switches just fine! However, I can't find an automatic sense and display for the timezone.

    This cost me the other day thinking I was in a particular timezone, but actually in an adjacent zone. iPhones handle this, but I can't find a solution on Android. For example, consider the widget, seeing just 20:34 leaves one questioning zone (this should be extremely easy):

    Sunday, July 19

    What I would like is something like:

    Sunday, July 19 (CDT)

    Formats are controlled via a string to the date command on Unix like systems, i.e.

    Sun Jul 19 20:33:09 CDT 2015

    07-19-2015 08:39 PM

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