1. Chrisy's Avatar
    Is Android able to download Video On Demand from Amazon.com app?

    That would be great! Thanks!
    01-22-2011 12:23 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    Man, this site is a little slower than CrackBerry.
    01-23-2011 07:23 AM
  3. Xopher's Avatar
    Yeah. Even the Android forum on CB gets a lot of traffic.

    It would be nice to get video from Amazon. Not sure if it is possible, though. I know BitBop is supposed to have an Android app.
    01-23-2011 10:14 AM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    Ok, thanks!
    01-23-2011 10:35 AM
  5. project.in.process's Avatar
    although you can search for digital download/VideoOnDemand content through the Amazon application, it will not allow you to purchase one. "this mobile application does not currently support digital downloads."

    however, i have gone to Amazon's full website (via Evo browser) and logged into my account--and watched a Video-On-Demand which i had purchased previously. it worked very well, no audio/video lag and have since considered buying many more movies from the VOD service so i could access them while waiting at an airport or something with a strong wifi signal nearby.
    01-23-2011 11:38 AM
  6. Chrisy's Avatar
    Oh great! I will try that!
    01-23-2011 12:08 PM