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    Get ready for some Amazing & FREE, Mind Reading tricks on your phone. Enjoy 10 unique illusion- puzzles; you can play alone or with your friends. Download this app, as it is a Perfect party entertainer app. Impress your friends and family with great Mind Reading tricks. Keep calculator handy if you want to increase difficulty level. We guarantee 100% success rates with each result (if rules are followed correctly).

    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...sticMindReader

    Unique features of this amazing App -
    - 10 unique Mind Reading tricks in a Single App!
    - You can play all Mind Reading tricks without any limits. Try them as many times as you want
    - All 10 Mind Reading puzzles are Completely FREE (Want to know how it is done? We have explained mathematics behind this tricks in detail, which is available to view after making Google Play store purchase for each Mind Reader trick)
    - App for entire family.
    - Entertain your friends by playing this app with them.
    - Perfect party entertainer app.
    - Once downloaded works without Internet
    - Supported Languages – English
    - Glimpse of few Mind Reader in this app – Guess the Age, Guess the number, Find missing digit, Guess the image, Hailstone number

    PS – No app so far developed can actually read your mind, this app is developed based on mathematics. However we cannot deny possibility of real mind reading app in future

    For any queries, write to us at: contactus@rachittechnology.com
    Follow us at:
    Visit us on web: Rachit Technology

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    07-24-2015 12:35 AM

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