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  1. Munnymikee's Avatar
    I've gotten this pop up a lot lately. When I click on the link or what not it takes me to the play store and has me download, (360 security) this happens when I close my browser (Google Chrome) and then come back to the browser or reopen the browser it says this. Does anyone have any idea on fixing this? I have lookout and the 360 security it made me download and no virus show up.
    Attached Thumbnails Need help virus warning pop up-1437729432917.jpg  
    07-24-2015 04:17 AM
  2. otter16's Avatar
    that used to bug me as well
    you should ignore it and never follow any links that this "warning" gives you
    install an app called AdBlock Plus and you won't see these warnings anymore
    That's how i got rid of it.
    and stay away from suspicios websites such as torrents or pornhub
    09-01-2015 01:41 PM
  3. atominvention's Avatar
    I think this virus warning is triggered in the browser, and generated by the website you are visiting. Usually these kind of warnings are fake virus warnings. They just want you to download their so call "anti - virus" software, which is the real virus itself.
    09-27-2015 07:16 AM
  4. Kojote1980's Avatar
    I agree with atominvention. "Browser based" target advertising on Android users to download garbage is always a high risk. You may avoid such things using adblockers, which on the other downside is helping legit places to earn money.
    12-20-2015 04:44 AM

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