1. Smokexz's Avatar
    I wanted this app for various reasons, I have tons of friends who use PSN, and I found it perfect so I could keep in contact with them and check their trophies on the go, little did I know there have been a plethora of apps that already allow me to do the functionality that this application provides me.

    Now, it's not out here in the states but I found an APK file that allows people outside of the UK to use it, only problem is that it gets its news source and Blog info from Sony UK, not a big deal seeing as this app has little to no functionality in the first place.

    Where to begin, the app looks nice, that's a big plus. Logging in was a breeze and comparing trophies is sorta easy. Onto things that are not great, the app is pretty slow on my Nexus S, it just takes so long to get my friends info and trophies that I found it to be worthless. I have tried to find apps that do such things, and there are quite a few that are actually faster with not so pretty UIs, but in the end what I wanted out of the application is just not going to be there, and I have a feeling it will never be there. I wanted the ability to chat with my friends over PSN, simple enough, no such this on this application. I wanted to send messages through this application, no such thing. I wanted to comment on the Sony blog with this application, no such thing! It seems that WP7 has Android beat on the fact that it has more connectivity with a console, it's not a huge deal, but considering Microsoft is applying dozens of little things for WP7, this just doesn't stand a chance. Considering there are other applications that already do the same and have the same limitations, this app is utterly pointless.

    -Nice UI

    -No real functionality
    -Takes too long to refresh friends list
    -Blog category has no other functionality other than reading it

    Anyone else try this yet? It is truly a sad application.
    01-23-2011 09:28 PM
  2. Kevin_G_Sanchez's Avatar
    I totally agree with you 100%. What app are you using as a substitute?
    01-26-2011 05:57 PM