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    I have a galaxy s5 v5.0
    I have an app called ISS detector. It lists the International Space Station in other astrological items.

    One of these items is a satellite called iridium. This app gets the information for this satellite from a website called heavens above.

    It has been working fine, downloading this information every time I open the app. Yesterday when I was on the app I got a message on my phone saying "Unfortunately ISS detector has stopped"

    I closed out of the app and when I reopened it it would not download the information from the website. All of the other features of the app worked except for downloading that information from the heavens above site.

    I have shut down the phone and restarted it numerous times and also have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times and still have not got it to work properly.

    I have been in contact with the developer of the app as well as technical support at heavens above website. They are both baffled at this also.

    Is there anything in my phone that could have been triggered that will not allow this particular app to contact that website?

    Every other app I have and every function of my phone and data seemed to work fine.

    Thanks for reading through this and any help you can give.
    08-13-2015 02:24 PM

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