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    Application for showing molecules in different stereo modes.

    Molecule 3D can show molecules in different stereo modes:
    • Anaglyth. For showing molecules it is neccessary to have anaglyth glasses, in which in which instead of lenses inserted special filters for the left eye - red for the right - turquoise.
    • Side by Side. Stereo pair represents two images arranged horizontally next to each other.
    • Mirror separated. Same as Side by Side, but the images are rotated in the opposite direction.
    • Interleaved. This type of stereo pair activated when the application is running on the phone HTC Evo 3D with use of parallax barrier.

    The application has a simple and intuitive interface with the following features:
    1. standard manipulation of molecules, such as rotation, scaling;
    2. it is possible to create wallpaper on the basis of the current image, and creating of screenshots;
    3. app has a built-in database consisting of three hundred molecules of different groups. It is also possible to download a file in PDF and SDF format.

    Molecule 3D on Google Play: type in searching "Molecule 3D".

    Molecule 3D-1cc5.png Molecule 3D-arginine.png Molecule 3D-list.png Molecule 3D-trotyl.png
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    08-18-2015 03:25 AM
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    very very useful!downloaded!
    08-18-2015 04:10 AM

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