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    Since google gobbled up youtube and a few other sites I had an account on, and merged the login stuff, I've been trying to make sense of it and make various apps work again. One I can't make sense of is one of the two "mail" apps that the HTC ONE came with, the one with simple checkboxes at the left of the message list rather than icons. (I don't know how to ask an app what its name is, or I'd tell you.;-)

    Anyway, that mail app is failing to login to my gmail account. I've tried it with all the passwords I've ever used with any of the sites that google has taken over, and while it shows my correct gmail address (jc1742@gmail.com), it says "login failed" for every one of them. It then shows CANCEL and SETTINGS buttons, and when I click on SETTINGS, it showsme the usual address and password input widgets, with the address filled in. It also shows lines that say
    I've never (to my knowledge) set up an imap.gmail.com account, and my records show no known password for it. There's nothing I can find in the settings that lets me create such an account. I'm guessing this is why it's failing, but I can't find anything in the app that lets me tell imap.gmail.com what my password should be. There's also no "lost password for imap.gmail.com, just for gmail.com, but that hostname gives me login pages that work with my current password.

    Anyway, it looks like this mail app is dead until I can figure out how to make its logins work.

    I did try asking on a google forum, but after several days there were no answers, just "Me too!" and "Try a relevant forum" (without suggesting which ones might be relevant), and other things that didn't give answers. Then I lost the connection and can't find my message there any more, so it was probably deleted as off topic by some admin.

    If anyone knows of a forum where this sort of multi-vendor problem is answered, that might help. Google doesn't seem to understand the questions I give it. That's probably why it sent me here. ;-)
    08-24-2015 06:30 PM

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