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    I'm an avid user of NewsRoom from Trileet. I've been rocking this one out since I had my Palm Pre still. One thing I had to fix was the fact that the old logo was still showing on the Android Central feed. Nothing wrong with it, but we seriously needed to show Lloyd some love. You will most likely have to drop the feed, then add it back in for the refresh, but it's there now! I've been uploading new icons/banners for a while now to help fill their list out. So far I've got Android Central, WrestleZone, KSiteTV, GateWorld, IGN Movies, The Carolina Panthers CharlotteObserver feed, Panthers.com, and Cat Scratch Reader. If anyone out there has a feed they'd like to see either an official graphic or an updated one, post it in this thread and I'll submit it and help ya out!
    02-01-2011 04:32 PM