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    here is the app in question...

    Android Booster - Android app on AppBrain

    So I've been trying this out the last few days and noticed that my RAM usage varies greatly from 35% usage to as high as 65%.

    My "tasks' is listed at 58, and I can choose to kill them, but about 30 ALWAYS come back up after a minute or two.


    1.) Should I be worried about high RAM usage when the phone is essentially idle?

    2.) i don't remember downloading 58 apps, so what is my phone doing? When I go into the widget to select the apps to close there's no where near 58, so what are the other one? I'm suspecting this may be why I get wide difference with battery life. Sometimes it last 16hours, sometimes 9.

    BTW, using a MT4G non-rooted, no lag problems, consistent 1900 Quadrant Score.

    I have read up the debate about Task-killers and so such, I'm just curious as to what my phone is doing, and trying to find battery-drainers.

    Thanks for any enlightening info!!!
    02-01-2011 05:53 PM