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    I searched the forum and I found a person with the same issue, however like most he simply replied back stating that he/she had figured it out. Awesome, however he/she did not give a resolution. Therefore I am here cluttering up the forum database to get an answer to my problem rather than following the provided instructions that were NOT supplied in the thread I found.

    Sorry if I sound a tad irritated, but it irks me when somebody posts an issue and then figures out the answer but doesn't bother to share the solution.

    Anyway, off my soapbox, I am getting this error on a Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.6 when trying to list the applications installed on my Samsung Captivate (it's been rooted, I've downloaded the "manual install package" of Sideload Wonder Machine and when I open up a terminal and run ./menu.sh and select option "2" to display the installed apps on my phone (selecting this just to test the SWM software to make sure I have access to my phone). I then get prompted for a password. I know I didn't assign any password to my phone so I use my password on my Mac. I then get the following message. ""I will state that when I try and use anything else for the password I get an error that the password is incorrect.""


    Listing apps...
    opendir failed, Permission denied

    All your currently installed apps are listed above.
    Note that they will have funny names because Android names the app file by the package namespace. (Like com.androidcentral.apps.swm)

    Press Enter to return to the menu.

    Again, I have rooted my phone, have turned on USB debugging and so forth. I have followed this PDF to the tee.


    What am I missing?
    02-01-2011 09:33 PM
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    I have the same problem on mac, with a different phone.
    Have you found any solution?
    03-22-2011 10:31 AM