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    Note: I have tried googling around already, this is a last desperate hope sort of deal.

    I have had a moto X first gen for about two years. Recently, it automatically asked me if I'd like to update to Lollipop, and I agreed to. Maybe a week later, I started experiencing my problem.

    Oftentimes when watching YouTube videos for about half an hour on end, the video will stop playing suddenly and say "the video failed to play, touch to retry." I tap, and the buffering bar spins infinitely.

    Suddenly, every time I try to play music/a gif/a video anywhere on my phone, the app stops responding, and my phone only responds to the home button and lock button.

    To solve this problem, I can either wait an hour or reboot my phone. However, on one occasion when rebooting my phone, my phone bricked. I eventually fixed this by using fast boot to factory reset (there go all my pictures), so I now always wait the hour out of paranoia.

    Nobodyelse seems to have this issue. If you have any idea what I can do, I'd love the help.
    09-06-2015 03:04 AM

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