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    Hello all,

    Please try out iHear Network, released to the Market yesterday:

    iHear Network - Android Market

    With this app, you'll be able to hear geo-tagged content from all over the world. Virtually teleport anywhere worldwide and listen to what people are saying as it happens! Utilizing text-to-speech and location-based technologies, you can hear geo-tagged content from the web read aloud as its posted online.

    When you tune into iHear Network, you get to listen in on the thoughts and opinions of entire communities. Its like having a radio broadcasting location-relevant news from social networks, blogs, and other media. iHear Network allows you to hear what people are saying without having to invest time in searching for content. Additionally, no sign-up or account is required, just download the app, turn it on, and go.

    02-02-2011 09:24 PM

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