1. Iam3697's Avatar
    Anyone use the Offer Up app to buy or sell stuff? When I go under the stuff that I'm selling and click on it, it give me a list of what I want to do. A few words in that list is Delete,Unlist, Mark as Sold and Archive that sounds like they would all be the same. I've seen ads that have sold on it so why is it just not taken off the site? What's the difference between unlist and delete? Sounds like it would be the same to me. Instead of marking it as sold why not just delete or unlist it? I don't know, just a small issue I have when I'm scrolling through things that people are selling and I come across items that are marked sold. If they were deleted then I wouldn't see them and take up unnecessary space. Unless I'm missing the bigger picture on what those words mean.
    09-12-2015 10:59 PM
  2. logicalshiftleft's Avatar
    I've just had my first OfferUp encounter and it was not promising. I started receiving pings for an iPhone6 listing that I did not post from an account I did not create, but was somehow tied to my email address. OfferUp users apparently don't need to verify any contact information before accessing OfferUps distribution channel. This just seems shady - even CL requires you to be able to access the email address from which you're posting before other users can view your listing.

    As I tried to find support I was routed through a crappy knowledge base with no luck finding a customer service rep or support email address. I ended up finding a "deactivate my account" link from a Google search, performing password recovery on this unverified account and killing the posting and account.

    In their "why are you leaving" comment box I raised these concerns and we'll see if this is addressed in their terms of service and verification policies, but for now, it seems like a breeding ground for shady transactions (stolen goods, prostitution, human trafficking???) and I'm staying well away.
    09-05-2016 01:23 AM
  3. Iam3697's Avatar
    I have had it now for about a year it has been decent enough for me. Only complain for me is not enough buyers. But that seems to be how it is for a lot of the selling apps. I have OfferUp, Carousell, 5mile, Letgo and another one I can't remember now and I don't have my phone here. Also have CL and ebay. I have a lot of personal stuff I'm selling and I don't have time for a garage sale. On the phone apps I listed besides CL and Ebay the only one I get the most response is OfferUp. I've sold more on OfferUp than the other 3. I had Wallapop but I think Letgo bought them and here in US it is part of Letgo. I kept getting notices from Wallapop saying it is now part of Letgo so download Letgo. I already had Letgo so I just deleted Wallapop. So after a year into it Offerup seems the best. Sorry you had a bad experience. I hardly get any bids from my stuff on ebay and CL is pretty dead now so the apps is all that really gets my stuff sold. I just want to sell this stuff cuz I need the cash. There are just no buyers out there anymore. You used to be able to put about anything up on Ebay and you would get a bid for it. Not anymore.
    09-18-2016 02:48 AM

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