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    I'm sure everyone has experienced the annoying issue of having a text message come in with a time stamp like 4 to 5 hours in the future. This, in turn, results in jacked up messaging threads, and having to scroll back and forth through the conversation to figure out the the heck is being said and what's going on.

    What I was wondering, is if there is an app that could allow you to edit the message details, including the time at which it came in. It doesn't happen often to me, but because of the building that I work in, occasionally, my phone roams causing the messages to come in with messed up times. If I could edit the time stamp, perhaps I could at least get the messages back in the correct order.

    I like the simplicity and reliability of the stock messaging app. I'm not too keen on all the other SMS apps out there.

    Basically, I'm just wondering if something like what I mentioned above exists, and if it doesn't, can it be programmed? If not, then no worries! I've been dealing with crazy convo threads for a while now, so no harm done.
    02-04-2011 08:33 AM