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    I just got Samsung Pay Beta activated on my phone a few days ago (Sprint GS6) and I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. I have my chip & pin Bank of America card attached to it. In short, it works nearly perfect.

    Anyway, on to the experiences:

    Walgreens - They have NFC readers, but I purposely placed my phone next to the mag strip reader because I wanted to see how well the MST would work. As soon as the cashier told me how much I had to pay, I put my phone up to the reader and it worked almost instantly. I was actually surprised at how fast it was, even faster than NFC (Google Wallet) from my past experiences. The cashier didn't even flinch or ask questions, I guess she is used to people paying with their phones.

    Dollar Tree - I pretty much did the same thing here, as soon as she told me the price I held the phone to the reader and it worked instantly. This time the cashier had never seen someone pay with their phone. She asked me if I had just paid with my phone and I said yes. She kept says I was very advanced and modern over and over again (she was an older lady) and the old lady behind me said the same thing. She was smiling the whole time I was walking out the door. I laughed and told them it was the new Samsung Pay.

    GameStop - The MST worked flawlessly again. Only this time the cashier asked me for the last 4 digits of the card. Samsung just updated the app two days ago and now it shows the last 4 digits of the digital card right under the last 4 digits of the real card. It did not show that before, so it is a nice update. Showed him my phone and was out the door. He was totally confused about the whole transaction, had never seen it done before.

    Baskin-Robbins - No problems at all. This time I had to give the lady my phone because the swipe terminal is embedded on the computer screen where she punches in all the info. I told her at first I was going to pay with my phone and she told me that doesn't work here. I showed her my phone and just told her to put next to the card reader. She did and it worked instantly like all my other transactions thus far. The look of her bewilderment was priceless. She told me I was "very fancy", whatever that means. She as another older lady.

    Walmart - This was the big test for me because my Walmart requires that I insert my chipped Bank of America card into the CC machine. It will not accept a swipe anymore. There has been a lot of talk against Samsung's MST because of the future use of chipped cards. I tried it out with my phone today and it worked with zero problems. The transaction processed quicker than what I am used to using a card swipe. This place was packed with so many people that the cashier didn't even notice that I used my phone. Really happy, zero problems.

    Target - This is another store that requires that I insert my chipped BofA card. It will also not accept a card swipe. I told the cashier that I was going to pay with my phone and she said "you are?" I said yes, I did it and it worked flawlessly again, no errors, nothing. Cashier told me it was the first time she has seen anyone pay with a phone. I was going tell her show her her how it worked, but there were too many people behind me so I took my stuff and walked out the door.

    H&M - This has been by far the most fun experience using Samsung Pay. There was a young kid checking out my items and I told him I was going to pay with my phone. He told me that he had never seen anyone do it before. This is the first time I got a read error since I have been using it. I tried it a second time and moved the phone a little higher along the mag strip reader and it worked instantly. The kid was like "wow" and later told me he can't wait to get his new iPhone 6s and try it out. Unfortunately, I had to break the bad news to him that his phone won't work everywhere like my GS6. I started to describe Samsung Pay to him and how it also worked on mag strip readers as well as NFC. I think the information kind of flew over his head so I gave up and in the end he told me "maybe I should get a Samsung instead". Super friendly and nice kid, I was like "maybe so...", smiled and walked out.

    CVS - No issues here at all. The MST worked flawlessly. The cashier was one of the nicest people I have ever encountered. I told her I was going to pay with my phone and she said "that's cool" and asked me how it worked. Since no one else was in the store I sort of explained a little bit about how it worked. Again, great experience.

    Kroger - This place that I go to has new CC machines, but their chip card reader is not activated for some reason. The machines still accept card swipes with chipped cards. The cashier saw me use my phone, but didn't say anything. The MST worked, no issues, no problems, and no errors.

    Wendys - This was another one of those instances where I had to hand the lady my phone so she could put it against the CC reader that was attached to her screen. I think when I asked her to do it, she thought I was crazy. She didn't really care and tried it out and it worked on the first try. She told me it was neat and said that she had never seen anyone pay with phone before.

    Shell Gas Station - I tried it here just for the hell of it, but I could not get it to work. I put one of my plastic cards into the slot and then held my phone up to the reader and it would not work. This whole process is quite awkward, might as well just use my real CC. I don't really care too much about this because I only fill up my car like once every two weeks. When all gas stations get NFC, this problem will be solved as well. I wish it worked, but it was a no go. Maybe I will try again at another gas station.

    Bank of America Integration - Another thing that I wanted to mention is how nice Samsung Pay and the Bank of America app work together. When you click on your BofA card and see your transactions, there is a button on the bottom of the Samsung Pay app that takes you directly to your Bank of America app. This BofA app now has fingerprint authentication so it is absolutely seamless. I am happy that I signed up for a BofA card more than ever.

    Issues - When the phone is off and you pull up the credit card, you have to swipe up all the way to the middle of the screen at a specific speed for it to recognize what you are trying to do and turn on. I wish they made it a smaller and more sensitive swipe motion. I've already sent a recommendation to Samsung about this through the Beta process and they responded that they are looking into it. Also, sometimes it takes up to 2 minutes for the transaction to appear under my BofA card on my phone. Sometimes it is instant, sometimes it takes up to 2 minutes. This is something I don't really care about at all, it always shows up and works fine, just wanted to mention this.

    Conclusion - When Samsung adds loyalty cards and I can have an official state issued digital drivers license on my phone, I won't need my wallet at all. I think we are coming close to that point now, except for the whole gas station thing that needs to be resolved. I am excited for you folks that have not had a chance to try it out yet, I think you will be surprised at well this was implemented by Samsung. Wish you all the best!
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    You can pre pay for gas inside the store.
    Digital drivers license? I want one!

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    09-24-2015 10:34 AM

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