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    I guess I should premise this by saying that although I've never been involved in anyway in the fitness industry, I've done quite a bit a research of a variety of fitness reality topics. I currently use JEFIT to create and track my workouts which also calculates calories. The databases of exercise machines in it is quite impressive. For calorie intake, I use MyNetDiary but also consider the MyFitnessPal to be as good if not better for dietary intake logging - the database of food items is amazing, even has fast food items and you can even scan a barcode on a product to get all the dietary data. My BT heart rate monitor interfaces great with all these apps including associate apps on my Pebble watch in many cases. I'm also not a runner and I'm not one of those people that wants to post all their runs on their Facebook page for everyone to see - but I can see the appeal of apps like Runtastic.

    Being that I considered myself fitness technology knowledgeable, I'm embarassed to say that I never caught wind of the Google Fit app until recently. But I want to do a reality check here and see if maybe I'm missing something? As far as I can tell, Google Fit PALES in comparison feature wise to any of the three apps I mentioned above. As far as I can tell, it's simply a "marketing reply" to Apple Health. For someone serious about keeping track of the caloric expenditure / intake balance, it seems this Fit app really isn't a very good choice - especially if much of your activity involves workouts on various resistance machines. Keeping track of caloric expenditure is somewhat useless without keeping accurate track of calorie intake.

    So as I see it, this Google Fit app and other like it is just reflecting the recent marketing hype in the past year or two of all these "fitness tracking" devices and apps. Wearing a FitBit is sort of the current "in thing" with the fitness crowd. All this Fit app is, is a marketing feature and really not complete solution for anyone who wants a robust tool for fitness tracking and management. Am I way off?
    10-01-2015 02:34 PM

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