1. AC Question's Avatar
    Just got Samsung galaxy S4 mini, android 4.4.2. Synched bookmarks from laptop chrome. Partially successful. Bookmarks not in folders are there, list of bookmark folders is there, but there's nothing inside any of the bookmark folders. Tried signing out of chrome on both S4 and laptop, cache and data clearing on both, plus unsynching/clearing data on server. Any ideas please.
    10-14-2015 08:21 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Accounts-Google>[your account], and make sure Chrome is checked on. In Chrome, tap Menu>Bookmarks, and go to the top level Bookmarks. Does it list Mobile Bookmarks, Desktop Bookmarks, and Other Bookmarks?
    10-14-2015 01:30 PM

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