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    On my Nexus 5 I used to have the Whisper app. I uninstalled it months ago (after clearing the app's data and cache via the App info screen) but I noticed that in the Misc files area of Storage I still have:

    0.99 GB whisper-chat
    12.27 MB whisper

    On my older Nexus 4 the Misc files area shows:

    489 MB whisper-chat
    152 MB whisper

    I uninstalled the app from the N4 and there were no changes to the misc files.
    When I still had the app on my N5 the total storage Data as shown in the App info screen kept creeping up and up to a crazy amount (over 2.5GB) even after deleting messages, etc. Eventually I cleared the Data and Cache and uninstalled it as I couldn't trust how the app behaved.

    Is it likely safe to delete these files from the Misc files storage area?

    I could really use that 1 GB of space that whisper-chat is taking up.
    10-21-2015 02:52 AM
  2. xstinkyx's Avatar

    Deleting the above mentioned files did no harm. In fact, it was good I deleted them. For starters, it freed up a lot of space. But also, deleting them helped remove leftover junk on my device.

    Back when I used the Whisper app I deleted stuff (messages, posts, etc.) within the app. I also cleared data via the app info page. I also uninstalled the app. But I hadn't realized that lots of the data was still on my device.

    Awhile back on the Whisper support page it used to say that your account with them was tied into the device. If you got a new device then you'd have to create a new acct (and lose your messages, etc.). I knew this wasn't true because when I moved from the N4 to the N5 I did a backup and restore and everything transferred over. So something on the device saved the acct info. And that info is in the misc files. (They've since updated their support pages to indicate that it may be able to transfer acct info from one device to another.)

    I also knew their app was built poorly. Message databases would get corrupted. Messages often wouldn't delete certain ways. Deleted stuff would reappear. Etc. It's good to finally remove all remnants of the app from the devices.
    10-26-2015 03:04 AM

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