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    Hello everyone

    Recently I have tried using Line and WeChat with some friends. However, we faced a weird issue, as some of us with Galaxy S4 and HTC One suffered from not receiving any notifications at all, when messages are sent to them. This also showed up at the beginning with Galaxy Grand Neo Duos, but later the issue disappeared in both apps. Galaxy S6 has not shown such a problem yet.

    We tried checking the documentation of LINE on this issue, but all the setting on our devices were already configured as recommended by LINE Corp.

    This also applies to calls, as the aforementioned phones do not ring when a call is received. The same applied to Galaxy Grand Neo Duos, until it suddenly started working properly on its on.

    In the case of Galaxy S4, LINE had used to work properly after installation, then it had ceased showing notifications, then it had come back to work and it had shown notifications, then it stopped showing any notifications. However, WeChat's notifications did not work from the beginning.

    Other strange behaviour from the apps includes adding some contacts to the app's (Line or WeChat) list of contacts, although those people do not have accounts on the app, and never used it. WeChat also shows avatars for the people, and I do not where it got those avatars from, as I asked several people some assured that they did not hear about the app even, aside from not having accounts in the first place.

    LINE added many people from the my list of contacts as friends by number, but some other people were not added and I had to add them manually. Some were added some time later, after I installed the app with a while, and they were added by number. I was also added by number by some other people, who assured that they did not add.

    Things are kind of messy, as the app adds people, and adds me to the lists of other people, while non of us added each other. If the app has a function to add the app users by number as in What'sapp and Telegram, then everyone has to be added at once, and only those who use the app. Otherwise, I should add who I want as in Skype.

    Is there any other person who suffers from similar issues ?? Any suggestions for solutions ?

    10-23-2015 11:08 AM

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