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    The thing I like most about Snapchat is how easy it is to share. I tap to take a photo, select my friends from the list that appears automatically, hit send, and put my phone away.

    The thing I like least about Snapchat is I can't send photos to people who don't have Snapchat.

    I want an app that shares photos as easily as Snapchat but sends them via MMS. Can you recommend one?

    Some other details you can skip:
    I have an LG G3. I use Google Voice as my text carrier and Google Hangouts as my txt app. When I share a picture it shows me a list of people I talked to on Google Talk years ago instead of people who I actually SMS with. That's dumb. Searching for people in the list is slow and cumbersome.
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    11-01-2015 02:03 PM

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