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    Got a new ellipsis tablet free from Verizon with my phone upgrade. It's kinda cool. I'm a remodeler and meet with clients to do estimates a lot. I'd like to use the tablet to show photos during estimates, so I can stop carrying my laptop everywhere.

    Problem is, I have lots of photos and need some folder structure to organize them. I have main photo folders such as kitchens, baths, outdoor living, and a couple others. Each has 20-30 selected photos from projects that are the main pictures I show people. Then I have an "Other" folder that probably has photos from a hundred other projects in there. Those are great if someone asks about something not particularly common - I can drill down into one of those subfolders and show them what they need without cluttering up the main folders.

    But the gallery app on the tablet finds any folder with photos in it and makes it a top-level album. So now I have 118 albums when I open the app, instead of the 7 main ones I need.

    Is there a gallery app that supports subfolders like this? I installed a couple of others and didn't find it. I read several descriptions and don't see it listed on any of them, but there are loads of apps out there.

    I can work around it by using a file explorer app, but it's not as elegant as I'd like.
    11-08-2015 09:47 AM

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