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    Okay. After transferring files by Moto Migrate and SD card, and the X Pure being very clean as far as app clutter, I downloaded the file app Cabinet and have the picture apps QuickPic and Gallery, the default Moto X one.

    I have a number of annoying problems that I didn't get in the default Samsung GS3's apps. Somebody please explain to me what's going on or at least how you would go about fixing this particular one:

    1) When I want to hide a file located in my SDcard, I first go to Cabinet and rename the file so it has a (.) period on front of it. Then I uncheck "hidden files". Two problems come up: often the pictures appear in the default Gallery app anyway. In the Gallery app "settings" there is only an option for face recognition, no other functions sadly. Secondly, this hide and show process often duplicates the file I am trying to hide in Cabinet....files have (1), (2), (3) etc after repeated hides and shows. The actual duplicate files in Cabinet are dead ends and don't show anything. But the pics themselves are duplicated in the picture apps Gallery and QuickPic.

    Folder I want to hide "zzp"

    After I renamed it with a period on front of it, this happened.

    After unchecking "Hidden Files" to hide it, this dead end file popped up where the real "zzp" folder used to be. It's empty.

    I have lost some material and it's hard to explain what exactly I did to wipe out the pictures I once had. Sometimes the thumbnails are shown in my Gallery, but clicking them shows a black screen where the pics once were. Having pure android and less clutter seems to have it's drawbacks sometimes cause we're forced to decide what works well with what app. It's driving me nuts.
    11-08-2015 07:46 PM

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