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    Nowadays, customers use Google to search, Facebook to connect, Email to contact and above all others use mobile to experience apps,… from when internet appeared. It was change all behaviour of customer as well as the approach customer of businesses, especially the appear of Digital Marketing in the Marketing activities and the communications. What is Marketing? The model, the tools as well as how measure effective assessment. Invite you refer application Digital Marketing Tutorial. This app is free app for device used Android operating system. This app will summarize all knowledge on Digital Marketing

    [Free App] Digital Marketing Tutorial-1.png

    This app is simple but the synthetic all useful knowledge, it is help you easy to understand and to have a thorough grasp of knowledge on Marketing, to help your business job grow increasingly more.

    Do you know, Digital Marketing or Marketing Online, Internet Marketing is use internet and mobile device to do a vehicle for the actions marketing and the communication. This notion is becoming a habitual with Marketer and enterprise.

    How to advertise the product of you? How have introduce a article to customer in the best a faithfully way about features of the product. How to approach the product for user? All will have in application Digital Marketing Tutorial. Have download and install free for device yourself?

    May be didn’t you know, the Marketing servant was familia with the model AIDA (Attention - Interest – Desire – Action), then now the Marketing servant must get acquainted with the new model AISAS (Attention –Interest – Search – Action – Share). Which means customer still attention, interest but will search information on the search tools before they buy decisive, then they will share themselves suggestion, opinion on internet network, special social network. This is the model that Marketer need notice when conduct to do Digital Marketing.

    This app include knowledges on themes Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing Mobile Web, Mobile Location, Mobile Apps, Mobile Social...), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Youtube, Blog, Forum…).

    [Free App] Digital Marketing Tutorial-2.png [Free App] Digital Marketing Tutorial-4.png

    The fact Marketing effective measure is always hardship for most businesses when do Marketing. With support of advanced technology and measure modern tools typical as Google Analytics..., it can effective measure easily approves digit quantitative concrete. Therefore, it can help business can control or change strategy Digital Marketing timely everywhere.

    All contents on Digital Marketing model, knowledge on Website, create and build Website content will have on free application for Android named Digital Marketing Tutorial, it will help user achieve a general view on Digital Marketing and directional marketing activity on environment Internet.

    Digital Marketing Tutorial is general trend in modern social and are you want to learn about knowledges, technique of Digital Marketing? To try app Digital Marketing Tutorial help you. I hope you will succeed!
    11-10-2015 10:22 PM
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    Hi..i am a new user here. I am also new to digital marketing domain. Thanks for sharing such a good and helpful article here. I want to grow myself in SEO domain. Can you please help me to understand that how i should proceed for this?

    seo expert
    11-29-2016 12:54 PM

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