1. mediq91's Avatar
    Hey guys I am looking for an application that I can take screen shots that wont require me to have root access. If anyone can let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
    02-16-2011 10:14 PM
  2. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    You can't. Google has code to prevent SS on un-rooted devices. Your only other bet would be to download the Android SDK and use the ddms tool to take direct screen caps.
    02-16-2011 11:18 PM
  3. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Why not root it? You get access to a slew of new apps plus wireless tethering. :-)
    02-17-2011 08:36 AM
  4. digitallove's Avatar
    shootme works perfectly on my unrooted phone.
    02-17-2011 03:21 PM
  5. jjcasillas15's Avatar
    I have the Samsung Fascinate and I've been using ShootMe... Not-rooted. Not sure if all phones are capable to use this app if they aren't rooted, but its worth a shot. Good Luck!
    02-17-2011 07:36 PM
  6. EVO-lutionary's Avatar
    Some unrooted phones can and some can't. Wont hurt to DL it an try it, it works great on my Evo.
    02-18-2011 11:26 PM
  7. motoroid7's Avatar
    Shootme works on galaxy tab, but takes the pc and saves it sideways. Lol. Haven't figured out how to fix yet other then going into photoshop express and rotating.
    02-22-2011 07:50 PM
  8. scrufton's Avatar
    Shoot me doesn't work on the epic anymore after the 2.2 update. I'm disapointed.
    02-25-2011 09:30 PM