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    I had a galaxy s5 and used tubemate for quite a while, I got the new galaxy s6 edge and wanted to transfer all my songs from my s5 to s6. I linked my s5 to my computer and found the folder with all my songs. Surprisingly more songs popped up ontop of the songs from the s5 that were shown in the music player, all the songs seemed to be from a previous HTC inspire. So from there I transfered all the songs onto my computer, then connect my s6 and placed them in the music file. I went on the s6 music player and only the songs from my s5 show, but not the other newly discovered songs from my old inspire.

    1. How did all these songs from a previous phone exist or even get onto my storage but not be shown in my music player?
    2. Why are all the newly discovered songs not showing on my new s6? When I transfer them into the music folder on the s6 from my computer it shows all 300 songs transfering, but only 150 show on my s6, which happen to be from my s5. How can I get all songs to show and play on my s6???
    11-18-2015 11:46 PM

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