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    I'm going to be replacing my sprint palm pre with an epic 4G. At least until such time as HP does a 4 inch or greater screen size. 3.6 inch which is on the shift and also will be on the pre 3 are just too close in size to the 3.1 inch on the pre. Not to mention the other good points to the epic over the shift that I seen while comparing them side by side. But anyways here is the list of apps I will want to have so all ya'll webOS users that have temporarily or permanently come to android and anyone else who can help guide me to what to download when I get my device would be great. I should also mention my preferred price point is free unless it is a very well done app that I will use a good deal to justify the price. The lower the price in comparison to is quality and usefulness the more likely I am to spend money on an app. The apps in bold indicate apps I felt were worth their price. Everything else other than some 3D games are all free apps.

    In most used to least used more or less:

    notes (by ingloious apps) ---- syncs with google docs
    mileage monitor (free by foxtail software)
    feeds (free by delicious morsal) ------- must link to google reader, list option of oldest first (feeds missed this one), and have well designed UI.
    comics (by mojojungle) ---- garfield, failblog, i can has cheezburger?, etc reader type app
    iStayFit (by looti inc)
    youversion bible
    myQ netflix manager (by nexapps.net)
    battery monitor ---- I like to detail track battery drain and relate info to make sure I'm getting the most out of it and things are within normal patterns for my usage.
    Flixster ---- really any app that is 99% or better at all inclusive movie showtimes and locations info.
    slacker radio
    pandora radio
    drpodder ---- any functional decent quality UI podcast app will be fine
    timesheet (free) ---- any quality functional well designed UI track your work hours and schedule sort of app will do
    mode switcher ---- I only use this for default profile of settings to ensure volumes and such are set to what I like them at and to open a set of apps after reboots that I use all the time
    convert (by frazer mclean) ---- must be everything I need and more like this app, data (MB to mbits etc) is one of my most done conversions
    best d**n dictionary ---- any high quality definition sourced (webster or dictionary.com for example) dictionary app that functions like this one
    relego ---- any good read it later client I can add stuff from my device to read later from my PC.
    weather channel app
    internalz ---- any quality file explorer app will do

    Outside of these apps I have hardly used or installed but forget to use apps that I'm not too concerned with at the moment they are:

    twee (by delicious morsel) ---- twitter client
    STC [share the cost] (by robert natau)
    geocaching (by georgo.org)
    solitaire collection (free) ---- a decently designed all inclusive solitaire collection
    and a bunch of games I hardly ever play I won't bother to list there are about 30 of them.
    02-17-2011 08:11 PM
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    Hi, StoneRyno.
    Android now have over a hundred and fifty thousands apps in the Android market, and more is being added as I'm writing this message.

    You can find either those apps or the equivalent to them. There are apps in the market that you never knew existed - you don't have anything to worry about. You will be in good hands coming over to Android. Below is a link to where you can find all the apps you think you might need. Appbrain

    Best of luck.
    02-17-2011 08:26 PM
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    I've got a handful of apps that should work for what I need them for; like the ones I had on my palm pre. However I am overwhelmed in trying to locate apps so I put priority to the following apps. And the rest I had listed before are no big deal at this time and will be put off until I have these apps.

    A note app that syncs with google docs
    A high quality news reader than connects to google reader (must be able to sort oldest first as an option for the feeds)
    A read it later client
    A comics type app that shows at least garfield, failblog, and I can has cheezburger
    A nice netflix manager etc app (as good as or better than myQ on webOS)
    A battery monitor to detail track battery drain and relate info.
    A podcast app decent quality UI and functional

    mileage monitor (free by foxtail software) this developer doesn't appear to have an android version
    iStayFit (by looti inc) available on iPhone, blackberry, and webOS but for some reason not on android.
    splashID I'll stick with using this on my palm pre unless they offer a good deal for multidevice purchases $10 seems steep to me.
    02-23-2011 05:21 AM
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    After searching around some more for apps this time searching with google I found out some more stuff. I'm disappointed to find that there is no good option for google docs other than visiting the mobile google docs website. I really would like an app such as notes by inglorious apps on webOS. So for now it looks like that's one more app I'll still need my pre for.

    It would appear that the official google reader app is the best option I have for news reader that links to google reader. Which isn't bad except the way too big font size in the feeds and article lists. The text size in the articles is acceptable.

    I still can't locate a good read it later option. The only thing I use it for is when I run across a web page while browsing or an item from one of my news feeds that is better read when I'm at my pc or on my netbook. And I also can't locate an app for garfield, failblog, and I can has cheeseburger. I see a lot of comic apps that assume you have downloaded files or are online versions of graphic novels traditionally bought at a comic book store or manga.

    I did however find a nice netflix app, battery monitoring and related stuff, and googles listen for podcasts. All of which are as good as I was looking for. The battery related stuff actually does more and are pleasant extras.
    02-25-2011 01:10 PM
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    This topic begs a good question. On my Palm Pre there was a great app that searched any of my gmail calendars backward or forward. And it would search both the phone and on line. "The Cloud". I don't see an app in android's system that would do that.Yes, I can go on line. But that takes too long. I need an app that does all of that.Any ideas?

    thanks, the duck
    02-25-2011 05:06 PM
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    I have never needed to search my calendar so I'm afraid I wouldn't know where to begin for that. An agenda view always works for me to see what stuff is coming up that I need to do etc. I other than the note app and news reader because of the specific of linking to google reader and docs eliminates most of the news and docs apps out there. But when it comes to the comic app it is trying to find the one that isn't single purpose or for viewing offline copies of that it becomes difficult to locate what you are looking for. But to go back to about the calendar search I'm surprized that isn't one of the built in searches. I even notice some of the 3rd party apps can plugin so to speak to that and be searchable as well. Which is a nice option. I need to use it more often. I'm so used to the old school days when you navigated to what you needed and tapped/clicked on it. Even on my pre I tended to forget about the ease of not needing to navigate to and tap. Oh which has me thinking perhaps there is a custom rom if nothing else that includes the functionality?
    02-25-2011 10:19 PM
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    Use appbrain instead of google to search for android apps.

    Android's built in universal search can look through calendars, SMS, apps, mail, tweets, kindle, etc.

    Try Feedr or NewsRob for apps that can sync with Google Docs. Theres a couple apps that can sync with Google Docs, i use GDocs and DTG.

    Android isn't "better" than webOS, it's different. Don't expect to immediately find apps that have the exact same options or features as the apps that you have become accustomed to in webOS over the last two years.
    02-27-2011 10:14 AM
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    use evernote for notes (free version)
    docs to go connects to google docs no?
    SplashID for passwords? I use ewallet
    Tasker may be what you need for your profiles.
    I use an app that is no longer on the market called ct scheduler

    astro file manager

    just click anybody's appbrain list and you will see what we use.
    02-27-2011 10:54 AM
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    appbrain did help me find some stuff but I still found I needed to use google to nail down a few. I turned all of the universal search options will see if there is anything there I won't want selected as I use it. Thanks for the suggestions on feedr and newsrob. I had checked those out but I'm not sure I like either of them better than the official google reader app UI my only complaint with it is the font size in the list views. I've used splashID for passwords etc related safe keeping for a long time going all the way back to my old palm PDAs. But it seems they are letting their name get to their head and are charging too much now. I don't even see the multi-platform rate I thought they would still have. I guess I could always email them and ask.

    Unless I'm mistaken evernote doesn't sync with google docs. And that is going to be a requirement for me for notes app. I use multiple devices in addition to my pc that I need to be able to access and keep each device synced with my already existing collection of notes in google docs. Does DTG free version allow editing the stuff from google docs? I didn't try it because I assumed that I wouldn't be able to edit. I also didn't check out GDocs, unless I'm looking at the wrong GDocs, because of all the bad reviews. The key ones being messing up docs by saving to the wrong doc or not saving at all, stripping docs of formatting, and how the app goes about login. It appears 2 out of 3 reviews are negative.

    I definitely agree that neither android or webOS is better than the other. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and each has features that are done better than the other or differently that the other. Other than nit picking I like both pretty equally. But that is partly why I got an android device this year. Since I can upgrade every year and there is no webOS device this year that I want. But anyways I've only got the remaining apps I have not found a suitable option for:

    A note app that syncs with google docs
    A read it later client I can save links from anywhere on the device
    A comics type app that shows at least garfield, failblog, and I can has cheezburger

    I found juiceplotter and android assistant for battery monitor to detail track battery drain and relate info. But I am uncertain I understand exactly the details for battery use in android assistant and also in the battery use section of the settings. I posted a thread asking about it here: http://forum.androidcentral.com/gene...questions.html but I have not gotten any replies.
    02-28-2011 06:01 AM