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    I have been trying to figure out how my girlfriend is able to receive secret messages both by text and e-mail. Let me explain. My girlfriend has figured out a way to receive email's with out me being able to figure out the real message. It all began with the downloading of a suspicious couple apps. At first the apps I thought looked like a couple new games. Also noticed a new translator app. I finally caught a glimpse of what she was doing. Somehow she is receiving what looks like a professional emails. I then know she copies the text, then paste the text to another app to reveal what I assume to be the real message.

    I have noticed that a majority of the messages have come from a website or a program called Sailthru. The text she has been receiving I believe come by way of what appears to be possibly what looks like game updates. She then logs on to these obscure games to receive these messages.

    I have confronted her but she denies my allegations. I looked up the sailthru program and they do speak about being able to send hidden messages. I didn't understand as I am not an it tech. Can you possibly tell me how do I break the code. The code of silence is deep on the web when it comes to this topic. It's easy to right me off. If I am close to the truth can you please point me towards some websites that can help me.

    11-26-2015 03:39 AM

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