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    Every place you want to go is just a finger touch away.

    You can do all your works from a single center with Wise.

    [App] Wise Sidebar Launcher Dialer-mark.png

    You can easily access your favorite contacts with smart contact card.

    Also you can access easily to all contact, to be able to send messages and access contact whatsapp page.
    You can find interesting interviews statistics and You can reach easily all of your calls with CallLogs Cards
    The people you want, all calls within easy reach of a number of statistics such as total talk time with contact details cards.
    You have the opportunity to more easily reach the person you want with favorite contacts cards</font>
    You can easily reach all the programs with your favorite application card.
    See and manage your missed calls and messages notifications easily

    Now, it is very easy to track missed calls and notifications

    ***You can see all calls and messages on Pop Up window
    ***You can call your missed calls with just one click
    ***You can look at the incoming messages fastly and reply immediately
    ***You can see the ringing time(seconds) of all missed calls
    ***You can see the length of the incoming messages without opening them

    (Clearing all past calls and messages notifications work only with Android 4.3+ versions for the presents.)(You can open from the settings)

    In addition, you can manage audio controls, bluetooth, hotspot wifi and lamp on your phone
    with toolbox card.

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....wisemcg&hl=tr

    [App] Wise Sidebar Launcher Dialer-screenshot_2015-12-01-21-41-18.jpg[App] Wise Sidebar Launcher Dialer-screenshot_2015-11-29-23-49-34.jpg[App] Wise Sidebar Launcher Dialer-screenshot_2015-11-29-23-49-10.jpg
    12-03-2015 02:49 PM

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