1. n0m0n's Avatar
    I downloaded and installed a app called: SayMyName (Eclair) for my Moto Droid.
    I cant seem to get this to say the name when a person from my contact list call's or for that matter text's me.
    It only says the cell. # that calls or SMS's me.
    Now I would expect this if the caller SMS was from a unknown person but there in my contact list.

    Is there a setting that I need to set of???

    01-27-2010 03:36 PM
  2. Purgatory's Avatar
    though this is an old post, I will try and help anyone else out who is wondering. The program itself has been updated to work with all versions of the OS now. if you download the newest SayMyName Dessert, then go into settings, you will see a checkmark 6 rows down called "Reading Mode 2", click this and it will work for you if you use 1.6, 2.0.1, and supposedly 2.1.

    Great app to actually tell you that a text is coming in or a call, and who is calling from what phone (ie mobile, home, work, etc.)
    03-30-2010 12:05 PM