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    Hello folks,

    I'm looking for a good way to stream video from my PC to my android device. On iOS there's Air Video, Infuse, etc. They make it pretty easy and have the basic features I'm looking for.

    On Android I haven't found the perfect solution.... yet.

    Plex is great for the most part and it never was a problem until recently. Since it's the holiday season, family is around and all that good stuff. Each with home videos we wanted to share etc.

    Long story short, I loaded everything up to my PC and streamed vacation, family videos, etc. using Plex. It worked for the most part until it was time for me to share my video's throughout the year. I was trying to find "that particular moment" using the scrolling of the progress bar and unfortunately the video stops, then resumes where I release my finger. Very difficult to find the moment I was looking for.

    Air Video works great, it does just that. Allows me to preview where I'm at.

    Anyway, I unfortunately didn't have any real solution other than grabbing my iPad and searching for the moment using Air Video and sharing it from the iPad. So a large family all huddled around an iPad.

    Does anyone know of an app that will provide this functionality. I didn't want to try Emit since development stopped on it.
    12-12-2015 03:46 AM
  2. maclancer's Avatar
    Try Air Stream
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    12-12-2015 04:01 AM
  3. maclancer's Avatar
    12-12-2015 04:02 AM
  4. vahdyx's Avatar
    This works out great, now I'm on the search for a good video player that lets me preview. So far ES File Explorer media player works the best, but it's ugly lol (FWP), so I'm gonna try out VLC and MX see how those work.

    Thanks dude, that's super helpful. It's slow, at scrolling through folders, but it's ideal for this situation. For regular media, I'll just use Plex
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    12-12-2015 06:39 AM
  5. maclancer's Avatar
    I purchased mx pro and can play pretty much averything
    12-12-2015 06:54 AM

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