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    Clock Maker is the first widget in the world that can be set up as you desire.
    Each element (hours, minutes, date, weather, battery charge level) can be customized.
    You can locate widget elements in any place within widget relatively to desktop wallpapers.
    You can place unlimited number of elements upon widget which can overlap each other creating 3D-effect, shadows and so on. It's all limited only by your imagination.
    Any widget sizes are supported.
    [WIDGET] [FREE][4.1+]Clock Maker - make anything you want!-11.png[WIDGET] [FREE][4.1+]Clock Maker - make anything you want!-51.png[WIDGET] [FREE][4.1+]Clock Maker - make anything you want!-41.png

    I can't insert link, but you can download it on Google Play!
    Thank you!

    [WIDGET] [FREE][4.1+]Clock Maker - make anything you want!-icon.png
    Attached Thumbnails [WIDGET] [FREE][4.1+]Clock Maker - make anything you want!-512x512_free.png  
    12-19-2015 04:01 PM

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