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    After a recent update, the following interesting app choice appears when, in Google Photos, I select "edit in Snapseed". Except that "edit in Snapseed" has now become "edit in...", followed by this menu:

    Odd Snapseed behaviour-screenshot_2015-12-21-11-47-49-2.jpg

    My assumption was that the video option is for editing video clips. Except that, after selecting the menu when viewing a video clip, no such option appears. Of course, Video Editor Lite can't edit photos.

    Which left me wondering "what the heck is the purpose of this choice, and why am being offered to edit a photo in a video editor that can't open photos?"

    I tried disabling the video editor, but I only have the option to "force stop" it. Disabling it is, err, disabled.

    Is anyone else able to replicate this behaviour and, if so, any ideas on what's going on and, perhaps, how to rectify it? (That is, remove the video editor choice, making editing in Snapseed one step rather than two.)
    12-21-2015 03:59 AM

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