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    I'm new to Google Play Music and just recently sync'd my iTunes library using the Google Play Music Manager. Super simple. Now I can easily access my library on my phone. My question is, can my wife access my library with her phone? And I'd also like to access her library as well. I'd be down to combine them if I need to but we just have each of our iTunes libraries saved on two different computers.

    I'm stuck in a fog trying to figure this out. Any help? Our ultimate goal is to both be able to play songs from each others libraries and cast it to our Chromecast Audio devices that we just got (got 3 of them for different rooms).
    12-22-2015 02:46 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    You'd have to add her Google account to your phone. Open Google Play Music, swipe in from the left, tap Settings, then tap your Gmail address. Now tap the Add Account button, and add her Google account. I've never done this before, but I assume that if you have her account on your phone as well, then you can access her music--but you'd have to actively switch between her account and yours in the Play Music app if you want to access your music.

    Also keep in mind that Google Play Music allows you to authorize a maximum of 10 devices per account, and deauthorizing devices can be a pain sometimes. So if you or your wife are close to the limit, you may want to think twice before adding another device.
    12-23-2015 03:06 AM

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