1. MotoXTC's Avatar
    Moto X Play, Android 6, Gmail app, WiFi.

    I find that I'll receive E-mail notification HOURS after the original message stamp, sometimes never.
    This leaves me having to constantly refresh manually.
    I checked sync frequency and the quickest I can set is 15minutes.
    Any advice, should I try a new client?
    12-26-2015 04:53 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What type of email account are you using? Is it a POP3 account from your ISP? That might be the problem. You should get instantaneous notifications if you use Gmail.
    12-26-2015 04:59 PM
  3. MotoXTC's Avatar
    Two Gmail and one Yahoo (IMAP).
    The issue occurs with the Yahoo.
    12-26-2015 05:11 PM
  4. MotoXTC's Avatar
    I noticed incoming server is "android.imap.mail.yahoo.com"
    12-26-2015 05:20 PM
  5. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I would try a different client. I had Blue Mail for a while and that worked pretty well. I think it is under a different name, but it is in Play.
    Laura Knotek likes this.
    12-26-2015 05:24 PM
  6. MotoXTC's Avatar
    It seems that since I've changed incoming to "imap.mail.yahoo.com"
    The emails are coming in faster.
    Not as instant as Gmail, but good enough. Thanks!
    12-26-2015 05:43 PM
  7. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Thanks and posting the follow up! See you around the forums.
    12-26-2015 11:18 PM

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