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    I have an Android TV box (MXQ TvBox)
    And what I want to do is this:
    I want to connect it to a TV screen through HDMI to an office which is far from my home, and with WiFi – internet to be able from my home to upload some media files and automatically to be displayed in the screen.
    That I need to do it in many TVbox's in different offices, some kind of Advertising screens but not to upload the files to each one superbly, but to upload the files to some kind of data base, and the TvBox through a program, to check if there is any new files, to get them from that database and replace the old media files.

    Also I had the problem in case of power failure, how the TVBOX will start the programs that I need to run that entire project, but I solve it with the “Autostart and Stay” which is perfect for that job.

    PLEASE, because is for business I would like some answers that you know that works.
    Thank you for your time
    12-27-2015 11:00 AM

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