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    Hide Videos Video Locker allows you to keep safe your private videos from prying eyes!
    Do you have videos you don't want others to see?
    Use this app to hide videos and let it protect your secret videos in keep safe secret secure gallery vault.
    Sensitive videos from your Android video gallery can be kept safely locked away in a secure Video Locker accessible only via a secret PIN code.
    When you hide something you can still share it without unlocking it.

    It is very Easy to Use:
    1. Create a New Folder and give it any name you want inside the video locker
    2.Select and add your videos by clicking the plus button
    3. That's it your videos are locked and protected now.
    {FREE}{APP} NEW Hide Your Private VIDEOs in this App and protect your Privacy!!-hide_videos.jpg {FREE}{APP} NEW Hide Your Private VIDEOs in this App and protect your Privacy!!-private_videos.jpg

    You can use it easily lock and hide videos of any size and it will hide them in a seconds.
    Now you can share your device with anyone with worrying about your privacy.Keep safe in videos vault. Gallery lock will protect your personal videos.
    Download Video Locker
    • All Videos are stored in a high level security
    • Lock on sleep - If you forgot to exit the Video Locker, the app will be locked as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.
    • Video Locker allows you to lock unlimited videos movies films easily with no limitation on size
    • Hide Videos in Full HD resolution with no limit on video Size
    • Beautiful Material Design implemented in the App
    • Create as many folders as you like
    • Hide as many videos as you like
    • Select videos from gallery or File Manager and lock them in video vault
    • Lock Videos using PIN or Pattern Password
    • Optimized for HD tablets.
    • All your mysterious secret videos are protected in video vault
    • Intuitive interface for a great experience..
    You can hide all your spy video recorder videos in this gallery vault.
    You faced any problem with this app? Let us know by sending us Feedback from within the app and we will provide you with the best costumer experience
    Download The ApP Here Hide Videos
    12-28-2015 07:15 AM
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    Hello and thanks for sharing!
    DroidMaker likes this.
    12-28-2015 08:06 AM
  3. DroidMaker's Avatar
    We have updated the app and it is now more secure
    Guys please give it a try
    09-22-2016 12:11 PM
  4. cintha's Avatar
    nice will try it
    07-26-2017 02:38 AM
  5. makeev's Avatar
    I'll try it. Thanks
    08-25-2017 10:14 AM

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